Beyond Venice

Beyond Venice

The cycle tour itinerary extrapolated in 7 Municipalities between "la Brenta and the lagoon of Venice", comes from the collaboration of local administrations in the area of the classic Riviera del Brenta and Saccisica, a strategic point between Padua and Venice.
The administrations started with the idea of rediscovering to their citizens the important peculiarities present in the territory and consequently turning towards the needs of the cyclists who visit the countries on two wheels.

An itinerary of 96 km, realized by a set of micro routes, in order to join forces in order to reach a result that is certainly more interesting and above all complete, a small casket, enclosed between the Villa Pisani of Stra and the lagoon of Venice.

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The Antica Corte Marchesini hotel, situated in Campagna Lupia in province of Venice and is an oasis of calmness in a strategic location, but that is not all. Thanks to the railroad connection located 300 meters form the hotel you can visit the fundamentals tourist attraction, where you shouldn’t use the car and put it in ours free car park. The staff will help you into the selection of the appropriate itinerary for your needs, for example: