Hotel near Padova

Hotel near Padova

From the hotel near Padua (Padova) Antica Corte Marchesini you can reach the city in a few minutes by bus or by your own car.
Our hotel near Padua Antica Corte Marchesini is located in a strategic area as it is easy to reach the most important cities of the area in just a few minutes.
A practical example is Padua, an interesting and curious city to be discovered both for religious and cultural aims and for having fun. You can reach Padua from the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini.

The Hotel near Padova Antica Corte Marchesini gives you the possibility to easily reach even Abano Terme, an interesting place from many points of view. Abano Terme offers the opportunity to relax, get away from the chaotic city life, find a global well-being, abandon in pleasant regenerating paths and use the thermal waters to have therapeutic benefits.
A good mood is guaranteed by the excellent local cuisine accompanied by excellent Euganean Hills wines, now protected by the DOC mark.
A few steps from the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini near Padua along the long avenues of ancient parks, wandering among the scents and colors of well-kept and refined gardens you can see many villas including Villa Barbarigo, Villa Miari and Villa Pisani-Scalabrin.
The most important park is the Botanical Garden, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which hosts a large number of rare plants.
At the eastern edge of the Saccisica, a few minutes from our hotel near Padua Corte Marchesini, the territory opens towards the sea with the lagoon basin, called Valle Millecampi: 1581 hectares of coastal strip rich in flora and fauna that differ in uniqueness environment of great naturalistic and anthropological interest.

The Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini near Padua allows you to visit the great Euganean Hills natural park, where sport, nature, well-being and good food mix together creating a wonderful place.
Among these hills there are some of the most beautiful medieval towns, the most important are for example Este and Monselice. The Hotel near Padova Antica Corte Marchesini offers the possibility to reach this marvelous place to admire the local fauna and flora with excursions by bike or on foot with the help of the guide or a map, looking for adventure.
The staff of the Hotel near Padova Antica Corte Marchesini will help you in organizing your excursion in the Euganean Hills and will give you the best advises to make unique your experience.

The Hotel near Padova Antica Corte Marchesini is a great place to visit the city of Padua not only for its historical and artistic beauties but also to have fun and for lots of shopping.

A few minutes’ drive from the Hotel near Padua Corte Marchesini you can visit the beautiful city of Padua.
In addition to offering boat, bike or walking tours around the city, the hotel staff has decided to help you with booking two new ways of visiting the city: by city sightseeing bus or by the less known Segway, the electric scooter. The Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini near Padova has a special attention to families and young people, inviting them to visit the city in a fun way. With the red Hop on/Hop off city sightseeing bus you can admire the main monuments with the help of a multilingual audio guide that will tell you the most important historical notes and the most significant places; while with the Segway you will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable type of tour for you and have fun learning, children will surely like this extravagant proposal.
The Hotel near Padova Antica Corte Marchesini is waiting for lots of you and will be ready to advise on tours and inform you about rates and timetables.

Being an ancient university seat, Padua is perhaps one of the most fascinating cities in Veneto. Padua was in fact one of the first three universities in the world and still today preserves its ancient splendor. Padua is not only universities, but also art and culture.
In fact it is a bishop's seat and offers all its visitors a unique experience between the huge central square, home to a huge market, and fascinating historical churches.
The so-called "waterways" are very fascinating, once used a lot by merchants and inhabitants to transport goods, today they are mostly tourist places, where the gaze is lost among the city walls and the gentle sound of the streams.
Large green parks are frequent in Padua and they are scattered throughout the city as a different place, away from the urban chaos, where small and cute squirrels roam free.
The Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini is located near Padua, so it is ideal for a one-day visit and then coming back to the quiet Venetian countryside, between villas and relaxation.
From the hotel you can easily reach the beautiful university city thanks to the many connections by bus or by the nearby train.
The hotel is equipped with every comfort and rises from an ancient Venetian villa, from which it retains the most unique features, in a unchanged splendor, with a modernity that makes the stay as comfortable as only this hotel can offer.
The restaurant is renowned as well and every day offers exquisite dishes for the most refined palates.
The villa is surrounded by a park where nature and well-being lovers can go cycling, as well as walking.
The hotel is ideal for those who want to reach Padua and enjoy, at the same time, a restful and regenerating holiday.
A hotel near Padua, we are waiting for your holiday.

For those who love to visit art cities and relive the past, a few steps from the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini, Padua is born, a city rich in history and culture, immersed in the hinterland of Veneto, a place to be discovered. Many identify it as “the city of the Saint (Anthony)” for its famous Basilica del Santo. But the treasures that it hides are quite different. A few kilometers from the Basilica is Prato della Valle, one of the largest squares in Europe crowned with statues, overlooked by the Basilica of Santa Giustina. In Piazza degli Eremitani stands one of the greatest 14th-century masterpieces: the Scrovegni Chapel by Giotto. Moreover, Padua hosts "Caffè Pedrocchi", the Bo' University with its famous Anatomic theater and the Chair of Galileo Galilei, Palazzo della Ragione and its surrounding squares, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, where markets are hosted every week. Finally, returning to the famous Piazza del Santo, we enter the Botanical Garden, the oldest one in Europe, which houses an important collection of rare plants. As presented, therefore, the heart of the Venetian plain offers jewels that go from art to science, crossing the dimensions of botany and religion.