Christmas markets paint Venice with lights, colors, and festive atmospheres


Christmas always brings strong emotions: the expectation for a holiday that celebrates love and a sense of wonder in front of the celebrating cities. The period that precedes Christmas and prepares us to celebrate is a moment of reflection: what goals have I reached? Which people share my path? What are the next wishes I want to fulfill?

And as the lights shine in the streets, go in search of the perfect gift… maybe you will find it right in the traditional Christmas markets! Do you know which city celebrates this holiday in style? Venice, that every year turns into a real village where you can breathe the Christmas atmosphere and spirit.

About half an hour from our welcoming Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini, the Queen of the Adriatic, is unique in the world. During your stay at our elegant structure, you could take a trip to Venice. Visiting it during this period of the year will make you understand even better why this incredible city has no equal.

Two steps between the sparkling lights and the colorful decorations of the Venice Christmas markets

Have you ever walked around Campo Santo Stefano in December? For the occasion, it turns into a giant Christmas Village, starting on the 4th of December. You will have the opportunity to admire Venice dotted with wooden huts. Here artisans and producers exhibit their products. Gastronomic delicacies, traditional carnival masks and Murano blown glass objects, ceramics, jewels, marbled paper, and many other specialties of the Venetian tradition await you.

With its succession of lights, decorated shops, and festive atmosphere, Christmas in the lagoon has a completely different flavor. Here you can walk for hours in search of gifts to give to your loved ones. Instead of choosing the mall, this year you could opt for those original gifts that you can find only in Venice. In addition to the objects, you can explore the local gastronomy. You can choose between Pandoro, Panettone, and other exquisite typical Christmas sweets. An example? Marzipan, which shows its connection with Venice already from its name. Maybe you don’t know that it comes from Marci Panis, which is “the bread of San Marco” since the Venetians traded it with Northern Europe.

Santo Stefano Square market is not the only one of the season:

  • At San Polo Square, there is the traditional lace and glass market
  • At Palazzo Zenobio, within a splendid Baroque setting, a covered market with luxury goods is set up
  • San Vidal Square hosts a Christmas food village with mulled wine and sweet hot chocolate

In addition to visiting the stands of Christmas gifts and souvenirs… how about trying the ice skating rink? Children, couples of lovers, and groups of friends always fill the floor. Some swing lightly and confidently, and some move their first steps, perhaps between a fall and a laugh with friends.

But it doesn’t stop there! Concerts, workshops for children, and different forms of entertainment animate one of the most famous squares in the world. A typical event which distinguishes this holiday is the famous “Santa Claus Race” on the 18th of December.

What is it? It’s a magnificent charity show! For the occasion, dozens of rowers dress up as Santa Claus and whiz along Venice’s Grand Canal cheered by the crowd. This annual masked regatta organized by the Ca’ Foscari University starts from San Marco Square. Can everyone participate? Yes, of course! The competition is open to champions and amateurs that compete on the traditional “Mascarete boats”, once the domain of fishermen. It is a very unique occasion that will definitely make you smile!

Can’t wait to savor the festive atmosphere of Venice? Or do you prefer

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