A visit to the beauty of the Euganean Hills, between nature and art, hiking and wellness


With the arrival of summer the desire to travel and explore is felt! How about booking a stay in our cozy Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini? It is located in a strategic point for planning trips and excursions out of town. Here nature will be your faithful companion from the early hours of the day, when you will be served breakfast in our elegant garden. After tasting genuine products, you can explore the neighboring territories.

Today we talk about a destination that can be reached from our hotel in just over half an hour by car: the Euganean Hills. Among green hills, art and history, we will guide you to discover some unmissable places.

The 5 experiences of the Euganean Hills that you have always wanted to live

Sumptuous Venetian villas, walled cities, castles, spas… where does our tour start? Since the sun is shining and we all want to breathe deeply, we suggest you start from the open air!

Villas and gardens: when art, architecture and nature meet

Our adventure starts from the most beautiful gardens of the Euganean Hills. During your day out of town you will encounter sumptuous villas surrounded by nature. Do you know that they once belonged to the noble Venetian and Paduan families? One example is Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio. You will notice its spectacular landing stage, the water features and the Portal of Diana with 13 Istrian stone statues. The island of rabbits with its allegories and the famous maze with six thousand evergreen boxwood shrubs will make you love this seventeenth-century garden and its 350 years of history.

The Barbarigo family built this monumental garden as a gift to God to defeat the Plague of 1630/31. The Venetian family wanted to convey to the visitor a message: to live intensely, with joy, with the awareness that there is always a solution to every problem.

Among other garden villas that deserve your time are:

  • Villa Selvatico-Sartori surrounded by a park with thermal lakes;
  • Villa Emo with an Italian garden dotted with typical Venetian-Renaissance elements;
  • Villa dei Vescovi, where architecture, art and landscape play with each other.

To conclude the parenthesis gardens, you can not miss a visit to the Castle of Catajo, the Reggia dei Colli Euganei. In its 350 rooms you will have the opportunity to admire magnificent frescoes, while in the Garden of Delights will welcome majestic sequoias and magnolias.

Excursions among breathtaking beauties

If you love walking, the Euganean Hills are the perfect place! There are many paths you can take, evaluating your level of experience. One of the most beautiful routes is the tour of Monte Fasolo. The first flat stretch will lead you into a forest full of ash trees, bushes of wild asparagus and bluebells.

Even Mount Venda, the highest “mountain” of the Euganean Hills, can be explored through a tour of about two hours. Beautiful views of the plain and perhaps a visit to the Olivetani monastery await you.

If you prefer cycling, we suggest the Alta Via dei Colli. This runs through almost the entire hilly system for a length of 41 km. Alternatively, you could make the entire tour of the hilly system. How about trying a 78 km route equipped with cycling tourist signs?

For those who love the thrill we recommend a nice climbing! Mountaineering schools often train at the Rocca Pendice in Teolo, where vertical walls interrupt the gentle profile of the surrounding hills.

Finally, to have fun with your family or friends, there is the Parco Avventure Le Fiorine, on the Monte della Madonna. You can test yourself in the trees on different levels. Tibetan bridges, lianas and suspended passages await you!

Historical wonders to discover

If you want to enchant your gaze and delight your soul with poetry, Arquà Petrarca must have a place in your list of places to see. With its medieval atmosphere, it is among the most beautiful villages in Italy. The Poet’s House is now a museum, while his tomb hides a big mystery… but we don’t anticipate anything. One of the most beautiful monuments of Arquà Petrarca is the Loggia dei Vicari, central place of the administrative life of the village. This little gem also houses the Pianoro del Mottolone, one of the most evocative viewpoints of the Euganean Hills.

Among the villages that are worth a visit there is definitely Este, where the Carrarese Castle stands out with its spectacular towers. The imposing walls frame the public gardens. If you are passionate about archaeology in your excursion you can not miss a visit to the Atestino Museum. From the most lively centre of Este, Piazza Maggiore, you can walk to the Torre Civica, where stands a large clock with moon phases.

The third village we suggest you to explore is Montagnana, the so-called “walled city” for its high medieval walls. You will find the Castle of San Zeno that dates back to 1242 and houses the Civic Museum “Antonio Giacomelli”, the Civic Library and the Study Center on the Castles. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is also an important piece of history. In addition to the wonderful paintings and frescoes, you will also have the pleasure of seeing the door of the church that dates back to 1530!

…And after so much culture, art, nature and tradition, how about some healthy relaxation?

A stop at Terme Euganee to cure body and mind

Abano and Montegrotto are famous destinations for the hot water pools rich in beneficial properties. Between water games, hot tubs and Kneipp paths await you moments of intense relaxation. The waters that flow from underground springs also reach 87° C! Among the benefits of thermal water is the ability to moisturize the skin and purify the body.

In addition to the indoor and outdoor pools, you can enjoy a nice regenerating massage, wellness treatments or a session of fangobalneoterapia.

Local delicacies and fine wine tastings

To consider your experience on the Euganean Hills complete you have to taste the wines of the territory. Among the most famous is the Fior d’Arancio, DOCG of excellence in the area. This explosion of Mediterranean essences is obtained from the grapes of the Moscato giallo variety for at least 95%. While the vineyards gently slope on the hills to the edge of the woods, the main farms of the territory are located along the Euganean Hills Wine Route. Here you will meet more than 40 wineries! You can discover the secrets of wine production thanks to guided tours and participate in sublime tastings.

Even local delicacies deserve a taste! Examples are olive oil and honey varieties prepared by beekeepers using ancient techniques.

During your excursion out of town remember to try the dishes of the Euganean gastronomic tradition. We recommend risotto with bruscandoi (hop sprouts), rice and bisi soup, the famous polenta and osei and sweet zaetti with corn flour and raisins.

What could be better than a warm welcome after a day of art, culture, traditions and nature? Come and visit us at the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini! We will give you more tips on the unmissable places of the Euganean Hills!