Cycling tours to discover a green area

Turisti in bicicletta

“The pleasure of cycling is the same as freedom. Leaving everywhere, at every moment, stopping at the first whim of a whim, without worries as for a horse, without servants as in a train. The bicycle is still us who win space and time.”
Alfredo Oriani

Cyclists know this very well. Seeing a place pedaling far and wide allows you to remember it better. You can see the details that capture your attention. You can choose an easy path and, the next time, push yourself further.
Guess what’s the perfect place for a nice bike ride? The Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini is located in an oasis of peace, where nature reigns supreme, often still untouched. To make your stay even more special we have prepared three different itineraries suitable for children.
Let’s see them together!

Cycling routes in total safety

The territory surrounding the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini is rich in wonders. Between nature and refined villas, you can enjoy a series of suitable and safe cycling routes. We start from our Hotel, which also offers you a GPS guide and a paper map. You can rent a bike directly from us and then go on an adventure!

Our itineraries have been studied in detail to be available to everyone. They do not present obstacles, ramps, dangerous curves and take place on roads without traffic. Your bike rides must be beautiful and relaxing, so as well as simple, the routes designed for you are also short. Crossing countryside and rivers, near villas and churches, you will discover the wonders of our territory!

The lovely Venetian Villas by bike among natural beauty and architectural masterpieces

Villa Widmann Foscari

If you have not yet visited the Riviera del Brenta, its beautiful villas will surprise you! During about two hours (round trip) and a quarter you will meet the wonderful Villa Widmann. Here you can still breathe the Venetian nobility! This architectural building is spread over several floors. You will have the opportunity to see the Sunday House, with period furniture, Murano glass chandeliers, and brocade curtains.

Consider that one of its rooms is dedicated to gondola and crafts! The Porticato della Barchessa houses a collection of old carriages. Wonderful is also its park! Waiting for you 16,000sqm dotted with ancient roses, cypresses, eighteenth-century statues, and a lovely romantic pond.

During the itinerary, you will also see the Barchessa Valmarana, what remains of the seventeenth-century villa. Once the barchesse were used as barns and as a place to store boats. In the seventeenth century, however, since many parties were organized, the two barchesse of the villa were transformed into guest houses and frescoed to show the wealth of the family. The one that is left will show to you in all its splendor with its double columns porch.

Do you know that to know all the secrets of the area you can request a guide for both the cycling route and the visit to the Villas? So your experience will be even more complete!

Cycling in the lagoon and see the majestic Villa Pisani

Villa Pisani

This second itinerary of about two and a half hours (go and return) will take you to first cross an area of unspoiled countryside. We recommend that you stop for a moment and breathe in the beauty that surrounds you. You can admire the flora and fauna typical of the nearby lagoon, and then find yourself in front of the magnificent Villa Pisani of Stra. Did you know that the so-called “Queen of the Venetian villas” in its 114 rooms housed doges, kings, and emperors?

Between four-poster beds, small cribs, tables, and antique sedans you’ll feel like you’re taking a dip in the past. You will be amazed by its many works of art and majestic frescoes. One example is the well-known Gloria della famiglia Pisani by Giambattista Tiepolo.

In addition to the masterpieces preserved inside you will see the park of the villa, which recalls the French models applied to the Palace of Versailles and intersects with the Venetian tradition. This place transports you back in time and enchants you with its greenhouses, the grove, and the large pool of water of the parterre.

The beauty will follow you even on the way back when, in the direction of Riviera del Brenta, you will skirt the other villas in the area.

A Spritz in Dolo by bike

The Dolo cycling route, a simple short route (about 2 hours – round trip), will take you to the town of Dolo, the most picturesque of the Riviera del Brenta. With its mills, old taverns, and the only Squero where boats were built, Dolo has long been the heart of the economy and craftsmanship of the Riviera.

In this small town, you will see the second tallest bell tower in Veneto after that of San Marco in Venice. Typical of the place is also the old water mill built around the mid-sixteenth century. And just with the background of its waterfalls, we recommend a stop in the most famous square of Squero. With the Brenta by your side, you can enjoy the traditional Cicchetti accompanied by a Spritz!

Come and visit us at the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini for a stay based on relaxation, beauty, and pedaling in the open air!