Radicchio, the undisputed protagonist of our lands

Radicchio trevigiano

Do you know the famous “Radicchio Festival” in Mirano? Last year the 23rd edition was held in a municipality that is only 25 minutes from the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini. Today we want to talk about radicchio, a genuine product that often comes back in our recipes.

Why? To give you one more reason to come and visit us! Living an experience in our friendly hotel means to sleep peaceful dreams in our elegant rooms, enjoy genuine breakfasts and try our many services, but also explore the territory, know its origins and traditions and enjoy a varied cuisine that will delight your palate.

The Festival of Radicchio di Mirano and its properties

The red radicchio of Treviso PGI and the variegated radicchio of Castelfranco PGI are products known throughout Italy. The “Radicchio Festival” in Mirano has always had them as protagonists. From the exhibition to the sale, passing through the tasting, it is an occasion dedicated to the palate. The 2020 edition was a perfect combination of flavors and training. Awards, folk events, music and dances of the popular tradition were held. The participants also attended a guided tour of the school “8 March – K. Lorenz” of the farm of the same name. For the occasion, some experts in the sector explained and showed the production cycle of Radicchio Rosso di Treviso.

But why does the so-called Winter Flower have so many fairs and festivals dedicated to itself? First of all, for its many properties! It is a vegetable rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, sodium, iron, copper and manganese. It also contains B vitamins, vitamin C, E and K. But there is more! Thanks to the high water content it has a purifying effect. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants and perfect for those who follow a low-calorie diet. In short, radicchio is a true concentrate of well-being!

Curious anecdotes about the Winter Flower

How much do you know about radicchio? You should know that the red one of Treviso is also produced in Padua and Venice, in the flat areas of Veneto. There are three different types: the late, which is the most valuable, the early and the varied of Castelfranco. The first reliable and documented information about this exquisite product dates back to the second half of the 19th century. The Lombard agronomist Giuseppe Benzi is responsible for its diffusion. It was he who created the first Radicchio Exhibition on December 20, 1900.

Radicchio tondo

However, its origin remains mysterious. In fact, just as its history is ancient, there are numerous legends that surround it. According to an ancient popular saying, red radicchio was born as a gift that autumn makes to winter, to give a touch of color to bare fields and ice cream! According to some farmers, the red radicchio was brought by birds that dropped the seeds on the bell tower of the village of Dosson. Others argue that this seedling grew spontaneously along ditches and edges of vegetable gardens. It seems that someone discovered the possibility of turning it into crispy radicchio by means of bleaching.

The oldest legend even goes back to Adam and Eve! This tells that…

After their expulsion from the earthly paradise, they had to procure their food with fatigue and sweat. At the beginning a bit of laziness persisted in them. In fact, they tried to feed themselves by eating what they had at hand, like the radicchio that were originally sweet. Since God did not agree, he put a little bitter in the Winter Flowers, leaving all the properties. He wanted them to try to find something else to change their diet and be so healthy and fit to populate the land. To the broad-leaved radicchio God reserved a particular characteristic: if worked his taste would have been also sweet. The man took a long time to understand it and this discovery was reserved for Treviso, that when it’s time to work they never back down!

Radicchio on the table to delight your palate

Risotto al radicchio

Defined as a poor product of farmers and reminiscence of Paradise is a protagonist of the tables of Veneto. Among the most famous recipes there is certainly the radicchio risotto, usually blended with wine and served with Grana Padano.

Among the other specialties based on radicchio there is the one with lard, a tasty side dish of Venetian cuisine. It is a simple recipe that only uses lard, pepper, vinegar and, of course, radicchio!

Grilled radicchio is very easy to prepare. Seasoning only with oil and salt you can enjoy this precious product in all its genuine goodness!

Have you ever tasted the traditional dishes with radicchio from our area? We are waiting for you in our Restaurant Pizzeria Ai Quattro Archi Dolomiti to delight your palate with our recipes!