South Lagoon, with Valle Averto and the WWF Oasis: a pristine landscape to be discovered with respect

The South Lagoon, which represents the southern part of the Venice Lagoon, is still little known and, in a certain sense, it is a good thing. It is a naturalistic landscape that has remained intact to the passage of man, a protected place with large green spaces, where the traditions of the past have remained unchanged and are still protected.

Let yourself be lulled by the water of the South Lagoon, between dunes and sandbanks, the typical muddy soils that are periodically submerged by the tides and crossed by natural channels. By its very nature, the southern lagoon of Venice lends itself to slow journeys, in harmony with the essence of the lagoon, to discover the valleys where numerous species of birds find
food and shelter.

A journey in stages through itineraries that respect nature

Breathtaking landscapes, a semi-lacustrine habitat, unique flora and fauna: the South Lagoon of Venice is suggestive and unique in its kind. There are mainly two boat itineraries that you can take to discover the beauties of this area.

South Lagoon itinerary between history, colors and traditions

Starting from the Cornio river, the ancient branch of the Brenta, and along the banks of the valley areas, you can get to the Valle Zappa fishing house with its traditional fixed structures for catching fish. Covering an area of ​​328 hectares, it is one of the richest fishing valleys for wild birdlife.

Here, in the municipality of Campagna Lupia, there is the famous Casone, the eclectic style building built in the 1920s where famous people such as Ernest Hemingway and Salvator Dalì also stayed. Also used as a film set for the film “Portrait of the bourgeoisie in black” by director Tonino Cervi, today it is owned by the Roncato family, the famous luggage brand. Although its style has nothing to do with the surrounding landscape, it fits perfectly into the lagoon, amplifying its beauty: when you look at it you will most likely feel like you are in one of those suggestive Nordic fantastic tales.

From Valle Zappa you can reach – always aboard a typical renovated boat – the Lido di Pellestrina: renowned above all for the production of lace, its numerous small brightly colored houses make this sandy strip about 13 km long characteristic.

You will then continue the navigation along the ancient Istrian stone wall, built to defend Pellestrina from the erosion caused by the force of the sea, and you will conclude your tour among mussel farms and bricole, the large poles that in groups of three indicate the navigable canals, those passable even when the tide is low.

Fishing valleys itinerary, between tradition and legends

With this characteristic itinerary immersed in luxuriant vegetation, you will start from the Cornio canal and, skirting the Averto, Cornio and Contarina valleys, you will reach the living lagoon. Along the banks populated by tamarisk trees, also with this second itinerary you will arrive at the fishing house of Valle Zappa, where the catch of fish and its breeding takes place.

The navigation on board the boat then continues towards the ruins of the abandoned casoni of Prime Poste and Millecampi: the first, a few hundred meters from the second, rises in the Vallesina. On the island you will see a single house, partially destroyed and completely uncovered. It is found in very shallow waters and can therefore only be reached when there is high tide. Casone Millecampi, on the other hand, is one of the few examples of lagoon construction still largely preserved in its original building configuration. It is considered the “jewel of the Valley”: of Renaissance origin, it represents one of the first cases of evolution of a casone towards a stable brick structure.

You will continue your adventure sailing towards the Settemorti Valley, a fishing area that has become famous thanks to a mysterious and intriguing legend …

An immersion in the flora and fauna of the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto

Wide pools of brackish water, canals, hygrophilous woods and reeds await you in the WWF Oasis in Valle Averto, a typical fishing valley of the Venetian lagoon: the only one closed to hunting. It is an area of ​​about 200 hectares with fresh and salt water supplies on soils of alluvial, lagoon and anthropogenic origin. There are numerous habitats that you can admire: from wet meadows to sandbanks and embankments covered with hedges, from sedge and rush groves to sweet marshes and wet pastures.

To such a diversification of habitat corresponds a rich vegetation, with willows, elms, English oaks and ash trees, but also orchids, specimens of hawthorn, dog rose and tamarisk. The fresh waters are surrounded by typhets and fragmitetes, the brackish by halophytes such as glasswort and the sea star.

The fauna is also rich and varied. In the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto you will in fact have the opportunity to see numerous water birds, mammals such as foxes, badgers and stone martens, an important population of swamp tortoises, as well as various amphibians, including the Lataste frog and, finally, fish species and invertebrates.

Immersing yourself in unspoiled nature and seeing free animals in their natural habitat is priceless. This is exactly why the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini has created a package for you to live this unforgettable experience.

Cycling through the South Lagoon Valleys

Do you know that the Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini is located just 10 minutes by car from the beautiful Averto Valley? This rich and luxuriant area is perfect to be explored aboard a boat, but… also by bicycle! To offer you the opportunity to enjoy a different experience, in full contact with the wonders of nature, we have created a perfect package.

By bike you can discover an unspoilt natural area where mainland and lagoon meet. One of the stops can only be the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto, where you can learn about the lush vegetation and animals typical of the area, as well as birdwatching. It is also a perfect experience for children who, in addition to having fun, will return home with a wealth of curious and interesting notions!

Our package includes…

  • Two nights stay for 2 people in a double room in our cozy hotel
  • Breakfast with genuine local products (if you decide to come in the summer you can enjoy this sweet morning moment in our summer garden)
  • Bike tour with entrance to the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto and guided tour among beautiful nature trails, ancient Casoni and the new tower from which to admire the enchanting landscape of the Lagoon
  • free parking and wifi to enjoy a carefree and relaxing stay

The South Luguna awaits you: we look forward to taking care of you and to offer you a stay that turns into a memorable experience.