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Simply “magical”: this is the perfect word for Venice, which with its splendid architecture and canals instead of streets has been counted by UNESCO among the Heritages of the World.

Venice, a unique city in the world

Located in the middle of the Venice Lagoon, the City includes the historic center, isolated from the mainland and connected to it by the Ponte della Libertà, and the metropolitan area of Mestre, also known for the presence of one of the most important industrial districts in Italy.

No cars or motorbikes cross La Serenissima, but vaporetti and ferry boast allow you to explore it while sailing along the Gran Canal. Venice, a city of love, enchants anyone strolling through its streets: you can go shopping along the narrow streets to Rialto or stop in Piazza San Marco and visit the homonymous Basilica, Palazzo Ducale, the Clock Tower, the Correr Museum or the Marciana Library.

Venice is the perfect mix of different artistic currents that come to life in the eighteenth-century palaces (such as the Ca ‘Rezzonico Museum) or in the late Romanesque or Palladian churches (examples are the Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute).

There are countless museums and foundations that house permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. An example is the Guggenheim Museum which enhances its rich artistic heritage through the works of famous international artists.

The cultural fervor is also given by the presence of two of the most famous universities of Italy: Cà Foscari and the IUAV, which deals with architecture and design, theater and visual arts, but also fashion, urban planning and territorial planning.

The Venice Biennale, which every year attracts onlookers and enthusiasts from all over the world, is one of the oldest and most important international contemporary art exhibitions.

Imaginative, intriguing, rich in history and culture, Venice has attracted the attention of many international authors. Its beauty has managed to capture directors and writers from different eras who have chosen The Queen of the Adriatic as the location of their movies and novels.

Murano, Burano and Torcello: the jewel islands of Venice

The most famous lagoon city in the world is also known for its islands: with a tour of about 3 and a half hours you can immerse yourself in the ancient history of Torcello, where the Cathedral of the Assumption and the church of Santa Fosca are worth a visit. Let yourself be enveloped by the bright colors of the houses in Burano and discover the art of lace. The techniques for making beautiful hand-blown glass vases and chandeliers await you in Murano, a small gem steeped in Venetian traditions.

Among the secondary islands of Venice, a visit to Lido is strongly recommended for relaxing moments on its famous beaches or on the occasion of the cinema exhibition held every year.

Venice and its riot of flavors, between simple dishes and perfect combinations

Thanks to the many influences that have enriched it over the centuries, Venetian cuisine is extremely varied and able to surprise even the finest palates. For those who love authentic flavors, Sarde in Saor are the ideal dish, as well as creamed cod to be enjoyed on warm and crunchy bread croutons.

Halfway between a soup and a risotto, Risi e bisi is a poor first course of peasant cuisine. Among the second courses we remember the very famous Venetian liver, the perfect combination between the intense flavor of the liver and the sweetness of the onion.

Golden and crunchy, the “moeche”, the lagoon crabs caught during their moulting phase, are a fried delight that can only be enjoyed at specific times of the year.

Even the desserts of Venice break down the barriers of those who would like to be able to say “no” to sweets: the Bussolai, biscuits made with butter flavored with lemon, rum, vanilla and often enriched with chocolate chips; the Fritole, pancakes with sultanas, a real pillar of the Carnival; Baci in gondola, two white meringues tied together by chocolate, created specifically for lovers … and many other delights to savor a good meal or to choose from a pastry shop and enjoy walking around the wonders of Venice

Magical moments in the city of love

The gondola is one of the most famous symbols of Venice so, if you decide to spend a romantic weekend with your soul mate, seize this unique experience: the water will lull you and the beauty of the Baroque and Renaissance palaces along the Grand Canal will leave you breathless.

Alternatively (or in addition!) you can book a romantic boat ride through the islands of Venice to admire secret glimpses and discover ancient traditions.

Venice is a jewel and romantic in every corner, from a sunset in Piazza San Marco, to the canals and alleys of Dorsoduro, where the city magically turns into a small village: there is a reason if they call it “City of Love”!

Sports and fun on the water and on land

Boating, swimming, diving, water skiing… in the lagoon are many sports that you can practice! If you prefer to stay on the mainland instead you can explore Venice by bike or on foot, getting lost in the small streets, including Carnival masks and stained glass. On the island of Lido there is also a precious gem for golf lovers: the Circolo Golf Venezia, near which there is an oasis protected by the WWF that contains specimens of flora and fauna in danger of extinction.