The Villas of the Riviera del Brenta and Miranese in all their splendor

Villa Pisani

The harmony between architecture, art and landscape finds its maximum expression in the evocative territory of the Riviera del Brenta and Miranese. This place dotted with ancient Venetian Villas, is just 11 minutes drive from our cozy Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini, an oasis of peace perfect for exploring the surrounding wonders.
For your next stay in the territory of the Riviera del Brenta we offer a special experience, packaged by the Consorzio Città d’Arte del Veneto and other institutions. The format has been called “Villeggiando”, because you can discover the famous Venetian Villas, events and much more!

Holidays among Venetian Villas, historical buildings, monuments and cultural heritage

If at least once you have visited the territory of the Riviera del Brenta you certainly know the charming charm. Mostly built from the 500 onwards by investments on the mainland of the noble class and patrician of the Republic of Venice, its Villas have always been the status symbol of the patriciate of the Serenissima.

In the internal halls and in the luxuriant gardens of these typical examples of the civilization of the Venetian territory, the Venetian nobles and patricians used to spend the summer between idleness and sparkling parties! The Villas of the Riviera del Brenta were their place of “holiday” for that time of year in which they delighted all their senses, between outdoor readings and succulent banquets. Ladies and knights played, sang, lived loves and told stories and it is this atmosphere that you will breathe when you cross the threshold of the different Villas.

The desire for “Villeggiando” is the promotion of a territory that has so much to offer. So that the identity of the place and its characteristic Villas is not lost, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of extraordinary openings of dozens of Venetian Villas, historical buildings and monuments and cultural heritage at the same time!

There are not only guided tours, but also events in close collaboration with cultural associations and tourism operators in the area. The aim is to enhance each Venetian Villa, highlighting the individual peculiarities and belonging to different historical and artistic periods. Among frescoes from different eras, furnishings of the past, gardens with greenhouses, large trees and mysterious labyrinths, all your senses will be involved.

The advantage of “Villeggiando” is that you will also have access to a series of Venetian villas generally closed to the public! To enrich the excursion in the Riviera del Brenta and Terra dei Tiepolo, there will be further visits to some historic buildings located outside the destination.

The starting blocks an experience that combines architectural and landscape beauty

The Zero edition is coming and you can already book your experience for Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October and Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October 2022. Then, in spring 2023, the first full edition will begin, characterized by a greater completeness of all the services provided.

Here is what will happen in detail:

  • Simultaneous opening of dozens of villas and palaces in the area in two successive weekends, in spring, summer (during the warmer months events will be scheduled in the late afternoon/ night) and autumn
  • Simultaneously in several villas there will be an event during Christmas (to be booked online)
  • Guided tours of the Villas to book online
  • Additional services, including tastings, wellness experiences, excursions and walks scheduled among the Villas by boat, bike and on foot, as well as wellness walking and Nordic walking if you want to add a little ‘healthy physical activity to the beauty that will surround you
  • Package stay in the Villas that are also accommodation facilities
  • Tasting evening in the Villas that also have catering activities
  • Photo contest of the territory
  • Entertainment of different nature that includes musical events, workshops of fresco and watercolor, games in the parks and small treasure hunts in some Villas to add to the experience even a bit of fun

Now you just have to book your next weekend at our Hotel Antica Corte Marchesini, a harmonious location where you can find peace and serenity.

We are waiting for you in the coming weekends to guide you in the “Villeggiando” experience, a magnificent opportunity to explore and be seduced by the Venetian Villas of the refined Riviera del Brenta and Miranese!